Considering replacing all your windows at once? Know what to expect, with Smart Installations

Have you ever considered giving your home a total revamp and updating all your windows in one fell swoop? There are certainly plenty of benefits. For starters, you’ll have no headaches trying to match colours and styles as they’ll all be in keeping with each other from the get-go.

You’ll have greater curb appeal, potentially increase your property’s value, have peace of mind with the secure new fixtures, and feel the all-round cosy glow of improved energy efficiency. Not to mention, the cost savings you will release, by having a team of fitters already on site. It’s no wonder most of our customers opt for whole-house window replacement!

Here at Smart Installations, our friendly, competent team have a wealth of experience and lots of great advice to share on the topic of new windows. We’d love to help you plan your next big project and are always ready to discuss your ideas with you!

To get the ball rolling, we’ve pulled together a list of our most asked questions. So, read on to learn about what’s involved when you decide to replace your existing windows.

How much will a set of new windows cost?

Understandably one of the most pressing questions on everyone’s mind, is also one of the trickiest to answer! After all, how long is a piece of string? Depending on the size of your property and the type of window you want to replace, it can bring a variety of different costs.

Happily, our online quoting system will help you get to grips with this one. It’s available online 24/7 and allows you to design and price your project at the touch of a button from the comfort of your own home.

But if you’re not quite ready to measure up and crunch your numbers, that’s okay because we’ve drawn up a quick overview of the main factors affecting price when it comes to windows. We hope it helps.

Does the type of window affect price?

The question on the tip of everyone’s tongue is “what type of window should I choose?” Whether they are asking this question with cost, aesthetics, or functionality in mind; the type of window you choose will affect the price. The most economical type of window available today is the casement window, which is handy since it’ll be the type of window that most people are familiar with. This style has always been a popular choice with British homeowners and builders alike. Casement windows have one hinge and are easy to operate and clean.

Our wide range of quality uPVC double-glazed casement options will allow you to find frames that colour-coordinate perfectly with your home and perform in just the way you want. You can always rely on them for tight security, thermal efficiency and general peace of mind. In fact, our uPVC casements have been rated A++, meaning that even if it’s double-glazing that you are replacing, you’re still set to see noticeable reductions in your energy use when you make the switch. Of all the options on offer, our standard white frames and clear glass will be easiest on your wallet, with 2023 guide prices starting from just £260*.

And that’s only the start of what we have to offer!

Flush casement windows

With guide prices starting from: £310, they are a good choice for period houses. Although they have all of the benefits of uPVC, their appearance is closer to that of traditional timber-framed casements. The main difference here is that whereas the standard uPVC casement window sits proud of its frame, the external surfaces of a flush casement seem to sit on one plane rather than overlapping. The latest welding techniques have also been utilised to produce joints that look more akin to carpentry. This choice is for glazing that is elegant and sympathetic to your traditional home’s aesthetic, whilst retaining all the thermal performance, sound insulation, security, and resilience that the latest double-glazing technology brings. They also look great in contemporary homes!

Aluminium frames are another option for bringing a minimalist style to any building. In fact, with a design that cuts down on bulk in the frame, aluminium casement windows will seem to magically open your view. It’s the slimline contours of this super durable material that create narrow sightlines and allow more light and landscape into your living space, whilst keeping even the most brutal weather conditions firmly outside. For a sleek, contemporary, and robust finish, this is a great choice.

Our vertical sliding sash windows are another great replacement option for timber frames in period homes. Sash windows are different from casements in that they do not open along a hinge (although ours can tilt for cleaning). Instead, they comprise of two panels which slide up and down to open a space at the top and/or bottom of the window cavity. Sash windows are a highly desirable period feature that give character to an older property. However, as they were made in single glazing and traditionally operate using weights, they can be draughty and high maintenance. If you have sash windows it is possible to replace them with casements, but you may prefer a more in- keeping upgrade, in which case, why not plumb for our sympathetically designed, well insulated uPVC double glazed vertical sliders? Guide prices start from £600.

What can I expect to pay for added features?

Coloured frames are a great way of personalising your windows and bringing a contemporary feel to
your property. Different colours are available in all our ranges, and a non-standard choice will only add somewhere in the region of 20% to your quote.

Obscured glass is a wonderful way of bringing privacy to your home. It’s most popular in bathrooms, but did you know patterned glass can be fitted in any room of your house, allowing you to ditch the net curtains and let light in without showing the neighbours what you’re up to. If you opt for one of
our many obscured glass options, expect to pay approximately 10% more per window.

Non-standard window furniture, such as chrome fixtures, easy-reach handles, or child locks can easily be added. Bespoke windowsills can be arranged on an individual basis. Costs will depend on the carpentry, design and materials involved but standard sills are included in our quotes.

Added security features for windows are also available as bespoke options on all our windows because we understand that, although each of our windows comes with exceptional security fittings as standard, some customers are after even more reassurance, to feel as safe and sound as can be.

We can add Ultion anti-snap locks or hinge bolts to your window, or we can source Secured by Design accredited products for the whole project if desired.

Is there anything else that might affect my costs?

It is important to be aware of the legal side of things, especially when making any big changes. Most windows can be replaced like for like with no issues, but in conservation areas or on listed properties, there may be requirements imposed upon you which will affect costs. Don’t forget to check if this applies to you.

Additionally, in some instances, planning permission may be required for new windows, in which case you will need to budget for the extra paperwork and fees involved. Other potential costs come in when, for instance, inaccessible windows may create the need for scaffolding. Or your building may have shifted over time to leave you with wonky frames. Speak to us if you think there’s anything unusual about your windows – we’ll do our best to quote
competitively to get the job done in an efficient, safe way.

What about if you feel your house would benefit from having all its windows replaced but think doing them gradually over time might suit you better? Of course, this is the preferred route for many. Remember, however, that although your bill will of course seem higher, it will almost certainly work out cheaper per window to get multiples made and fitted at once.

How long will it take to replace my windows?

Generally speaking, unless you live in a palace, you’ll be counting in days, not weeks to get your windows installed. A single, straight-forward casement can often be replaced in an hour or two. If your installation is of a more complex design, windows with larger panes or positioned in a tricky structural location, may stretch to around half a day, but we’ll always try to minimise disruption and heat-loss within your home by focussing on one area at a time.

Measuring up and getting your order drawn up shouldn’t take long, either. If you’d like some input, our skilled professionals at Smart Installations are always glad to advise on design features and style decisions to make sure you’re over the moon with the final result!

The longest aspect of the process will likely be the time between ordering and installation. We know you understand that we need to get the sourcing and production of every window element right for you. Yet, it still usually only takes between 4 and 12 weeks before we are ready to install.

How long do windows last?

A quality, well-fitted, double-glazed window should last for a good 20 years, or even beyond 30 if they’re well-maintained. Windows can occasionally deteriorate sooner because of external factors such as sustained strong sunlight. This can cause discolouration of frames or drying out of seals. The seal is usually the first thing to fail on a window. Another common issue is that condensation can creep in between the panes. But sub-standard installation or bad quality manufacture are a sure-fire cause for windows failing much sooner than they should, so it’s important to ensure you use trusted products and

We are Certass accredited and are also government-endorsed for quality through the Trustmark scheme. What’s more, all our windows are backed by a 10-year guarantee, so you can certainly rest easy with us.

What’s the best time of year to get the work done?

As you might guess, summertime tends to be the most popular time for having windows replaced. We think this is down to the days being warmer and longer – people are understandably wary of letting the elements in during colder months. But you needn’t be so quick to rule out winter-time window replacement! Installation timescales can be shorter and do all we can to minimise discomfort in the home. After all, you’ll feel the benefits right away. As we tend to be a bit quieter during the winter months, you might even find there are benefits in terms of our availability.

So, is it time you cosied up to enjoy the benefits of new double glazing? With energy costs soaring, and more cold winter months ahead, maybe the only question left to ask is: what are you waiting for? Contact Smart Installations today for competitive quotes and friendly service.

*white window, clear glass, small

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